Martyn’s support for fouling initiative

An Arbroath councillor has backed our efforts to cut down on dog fouling in local streets and highlighted good dog ownership.

Martyn Geddes, Arbroath East and Lunan, said the health dangers associated with dog fouling and the mess it leaves needed to be dealt with.

He told us: “I have to commend your anti-dog fouling campaign. The most obvious problem, and focused on, is how it leaves the area unattractive. I have had residents from across Arbroath complaining about the visual effect of both unbagged and bagged mess being left on paths. I have even seen some hanging from bushes.

“The other problem, which in my books is the most important, is the health hazard to both people and dogs. Most will know that dogs can pick up worms, which can affect them in various ways from their digestive tract to their heart. This can obviously have serious effects on a dog and could be passed on to their owners and their family.

Councillor Geddes added: “There is also another major canine disease I implore all owners to get their dogs immunised against. Parvovirus can be picked up if a dog investigates another infected dog’s leavings. Even if you pick up after your dog the area can still have active Parvovirus. So please make sure you get your dog fully immunised and wormed for its own, other dogs’ and your family’s health.

“We need to remember when we see good dog ownership and hope others copy. I was walking near the rose garden the other week and saw something, which I hope, shows your campaign is working. There was a couple walking their dog, which then needed to go. They then approached another dog walker and asked for a bag as their dog had already gone so they had run out of bags. The other walker then said ok, gave them a spare bag and a ‘been there before’ laugh.

“It’s great seeing owners being prepared and helping each other out like this. I feel if more owners do this then there will hopefully be a reduction in the dog-fouling problem.”