Marco’s marine mission

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A commando from RM Condor is taking on an epic yomping challenge to raise money as part of the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marine Corps.

Marco D’Andrea (25) plans to tackle the Yomp 1664 to raise funds for the Royal Marines’ Charitable Trust.

To ‘yomp’ is marine slang for covering a long distance in full battle kit and first came to public attention in 1982 during the Falklands War.

Marco and around 170 others will have to cover 166.4km or approximately 104 miles in 36 hours and each is looking to raise £1,664.

Birmingham-born Marco has been at 45 Commando since September and sees Yomp 1664 as a fitting challenge.

He said: “Yomping is part of the Corps. It’s something we are known for in a nutshell. It’s something at the Corps’ heart and to raise money doing a yomp for the Corps’ birthday makes it all the better.

“Our longest yomp in training is the 30m and that’s pretty disgusting in itself – they get eight hours for that and we just about make it.

“So to be doing this in 36 hours is not going to be nice.

“Up at Condor we crack ‘phys’ two or three times a day so we’re always on top of our fitness and closer to the time I’ll be doing yomps with a lot more weight on my back and increasing the distance.”

Marco added: “Speaking to the guys who did one a few years ago they had a few marines doing it and they were all fit guys and 11 out of the 12 dropped out at the 50 mile mark. It’s going to be a mental thing, all the lads will be fit enough it’s just cracking on with it really.”

Marco has set up a Facebook page called ‘Yomping since 1664’ where you will find the links to join and donate. He is also in the process of planning other fund-raising ideas including a bag pack.