‘Man in Black’ in Arbroath

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The sound of the American country music legend is coming to Arbroath in the form of the Johnny Cash Roadshow on September 12.

Tribute artist Clive John was inspired to cover Cash by his best friend, Chris. Sadly Chris died of brain cancer and Clive ‘shelved’ the idea until he saw the Cash movie ‘Walk The Line’. “I was so excited after watching the film and connected with the man/music so much I just knew deep down that was the way forward for my career.

“At first friends and family couldn’t understand what I was doing and said I was foolish sacrificing my own ‘Clive John’ career pretending to be Johnny Cash. It’s taken a long time and many hurdles have been crossed but I’m very proud to call this show my own and I think most people now understand.

“I haven’t lost track of my own song writing career and this is why I insist on keeping one of my own songs in the show. Currently it is ‘The Spirit’ which has had tremendous success in the Hot Disc Country Chart.”

The greatest accolade for any tribute act has got to be the endoresement from those near and dear to the original artist. Caitlin Crowell, granddaughter of Cash and June Carter said: “I had the pleasure to see the ‘Johnny Cash Roadshow / Spirit Band’. As a member of the Cash Family, I was in awe of how incredible the performances were. Clive and Jill capture my Grandfather and Grandmother JUST as they were in this world they put a mark in. And not just the focus of the show, being those two talents, but the rest of the crew, absolutely brilliant.”

Tickets are £17.