Making a noise for Red Lichtie Tartan

Craig Weir (left) models the existing tartan of the Arbroath Royal British Legion Pipe band while X tries on for size the new Red Lichtie tartan kilt.
Craig Weir (left) models the existing tartan of the Arbroath Royal British Legion Pipe band while X tries on for size the new Red Lichtie tartan kilt.

The Arbroath Royal British Legion Scotland Pipe Band seek the help of the community to show off the town’s heritage by adopting the ‘Red Lichtie’ tartan.

The band currently wear the ancient Lindsay Tartan which was first bought in 1972 with most of the kilts dating back nearly 40 years.

Band secretary Morag McKenzie said: “We have replaced past kilts that have gone by the wayside one of the reasons for looking at new kilts is a real need to update them.”

The Pipe Band travel across the country representing Arbroath and want to promote the town and its own tartan.”

The Red Lichtie tartan has already been recognised from people as far afield as Canada.

The band are aiming to raise enough money to buy tartan for 40 kilts. This will cover current members and new members to come.

Ms McKenzie continued: “It’s the biggest fund-raising we’ve ever tried to do for the pipe band. Our plans for raising money are to get the band performing as much as possible as well as applying for local grants and local business support as well as donations from the community.”

The band already play at local events, gala days, fund raising for other charities and events for the British Legion. They also compete in local and national competitions.

“The band are very excited about the prospect of being able to wear the town’s tartan. It will give them an opportunity to tell people about the background of Arbroath and it’s rich histories and traditions that has been woven into this beautiful, cheery design.”

It uses the maximum number of colours allowed, which is six, including two shades of red and a gold thread to represent the Arbroath portcullis from the burgh coat of arms.

This creates 21 shades of colour in the finished weave.

The Red Lichtie Tartan was given the seal of approval by The Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council on October 5, 2012.

Graphic designer and local man Steven Patrick Sim designed the tartan to reintroduce a sense of community spirit to the town.

“Tartan unites people. I am hoping that, if even in a small way, the Red Lichtie tartan brings the folks of Arbroath together again.”

The Pipe Band is hoping to feel some of this spirit in their quest for new kilts.

Hopeful in their endeavours the Red Lichtie tartan has already been matched to the rest of the band’s 

This will ensure a smooth transition if the fund raising is successful and the kilts are been made up.

If anyone would like to support the pipe band in their venture to purchase new kilts contact or phone the RBLS Arbroath branch clubrooms on 01241 873964 and leave a message for a member of the pipe band to get in touch.