Lynsey’s Channel swim knocked out by weather

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THE LAST sponsored challenge for Brooke’s Dream has fallen foul of the bad weather.

Lynsey Bovill should be swimming across the English Channel to raise money for Brooke’s Dream, but just as we went to press it was announced her hopes had been dashed for this year.

On Sunday Lynsey gave Brooke’s Dream the following update. She said: “Doesn’t look like I’ll be swimming until nearer next weekend as the weather is really, really bad.”

Stewart Ramsay, Brooke’s father, contacted us on Thursday night. He said: “just got a text from Lynsey Bovill. Her cross Channel swim has been put off this year due to weather and she’s about to head back up the road. She’s disappointed but is looking to do the same distance in a pool if she can arrange pool time and will see if she can get on the reserve list for a Channel swim for next year.”