Lunchtime delights at Castleton Farm Shop

Castleton Farm Shop and Cafe
Castleton Farm Shop and Cafe

Castleton Farm Shop and Cafe is somewhere I often pass by, and rarely stop to eat. Having heard many good things, however, I popped in for lunch last week.

Castleton is located near Fourdon, just off the A90. It’s well sign posted, so there’s no chance of missing the turn-off.

I was surprised to see the car park was quite full when I arrived with my partner Ryan just after noon.

The busy car park did make me wonder if there would be a wait for a seat, but we were promptly seated by a friendly member of staff.

The menu choice surprised me, as I was only expecting light lunch options, but they had a variety of choices, from burgers and salads to fish and lasagne. They also have a list of daily specials.

The cafe is also currently running a Christmas lunch menu, but we opted to stick to the daily specials.

Given how busy the cafe was, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly our meals arrived.

Ryan ordered haddock and chips, opting for his fish to be battered rather than breaded, and served with beans rather than peas.

I chose the beef lasagne and chips, which also came with a side salad.

Ryan’s fish was more on the whale end of the size scale, with the plate struggling to accommodate it. His only complaint was that the size made it difficult to cut.

The batter was lovely and crisp, with the fish cooked well in the centre.

It was a mark of how generous the portion size was, that Ryan left a fair amount of food on his plate.

My lasagne was delicious. There was a nice rich tomato sauce, and enough cheese so that you taste it in every bite, but not so much that it overpowered the dish.

The chips were a lovely accompaniment, but given the size my lasagne, I only ate a few.

Usually we debate about getting a dessert, but given that neither one us came close to clearing our plates, it would have been pointless.

One of the things I enjoyed about eating at Castleton is the lovely scenic views you can enjoy while eating your meal. Castleton is open Monday to Saturday from 9 to 5 p.m. and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.