Local soldier’s unhappy experience while on exercise in Kenya

DURING a recent visit to Africa to find out what life is like for those training and living at the British Army’s Training Unit Kenya (BATUK), Garrison FM’s Rafe Parker came across a private who had a less than funny experience with a hyena.

As a guest of the commander of 4 Mechanised Brigade, Rafe spent three days meeting those who were spending up to six weeks training in the country from the 1 Scots Battle Group.

Private Steven Wishart had spent just one night with the battalion before travelling to Kenya.

Three weeks into the exercise he found himself being dragged from his poncho one night by, what is thought to have been a hyena.

Following the quick reactions of his fellow soldiers he was rescued and transported by ambulance to Nairobi where he started treatment for rabies and other potential diseases.

Steven said that the experience had scared him but when it came to explaining the experience in the pub when he returns home he stated: “I may change the story a little bit.”

Major Peter Starkey, a medical officer from 1 Royal Ghurkha Regiment, was responsible for assessing Steven’s injuries and for ensuring his safe passage to hospital in Nairobi. Major Starkey said: “We have taken photographs of the puncture marks on his leg and e-mailed them to the Natural History Museum where they’re going to make that definitive call that it was a hyena.”