Pupils take a trip down memory lane

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The children of Timmergreens Primary School are asking for your help in bringing alive the memories of the past.

The school building is being demolished and replaced and to mark the occasion the school would like to invite past pupils and those linked to the school to come and share their memories at an open afternoon on June 3.

Working hard to commemorate the decades that the school has been open the children have turned the corridors into a trip down memory lane.

Some interesting pieces of historic, and not so historic memorabilia line the halls mirroring the decades they are from.

On a visit to Timmergreens the Arbroath Herald talked to the Pupil Council about what they had planned.

Emily Biesok (11) said: “In the upstairs corridor we are doing the 1980s, We’ve been researching different bits such as local events in the 1980s and making wall displays.

Calum Brown (12) said: “My group has been focussing on the technology of the time. We found out they invented a disposable camera and the first Apple Macintosh.

Josh Cromtpon, 12 said: “Our group is focusing on cars in the 80s and we’ve learned about some of the old sports cars, like Ferraris.

He continued: “I think it’s going to be really good for people to come and see each corridor, from 1969 after the school was opened. The infants are doing the noughties, and other children are doing the 1970s.

Headteacher Jacqueline Smith said: “We have found lots of old technology and books throughout the school which we’ll be able to display but it would be great if people could send or bring in their own memorabilia in particular photographs and just drop them into the school office .”

The open day starts at 4 p.m. and will run until 7 p.m. on June 3 and refreshments will be available.

There will also be a ‘Dateline Concert’ on June 2 where the pupils are performing musical numbers from the 1950s onwards and speaking about what the school was like in the related eras. All past pupils and those with a link to the school are welcome to attend.

During the construction of the new building the school will be using temporary, modular classrooms and sharing facilities with Muirfield Primary School until the re-opening of Timmergreens in January 2016.

Architects plans of the new design will be on display in the school during the open day. Visit www.arbroathherald.com to see a video of Emily explaining more about what is happening during the open day.




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