Public see A-List potential of cinema project

The Hippodrome Bo'ness

The Hippodrome Bo'ness

The public response to the possibility of Arbroath gaining a cinema down by the beach front has been phenomenal.

News of the plans on our Facebook page attracted several thousand views, over 96 comments and 174 likes at the time we went to press.

Yesterday (Thursday) Andrew Henderson, proprietor of Chalmers Arbroath, went before Angus Council’s licensing committee to vary the licence for the nightclub to allow under 18s into the venue to use the cinema and in a separate application for an extension of their late licence to 3 a.m. to help fund the cinema project.

The cinema which is mostly finished will seat 100 people, has a 6.5 metre by 3.5 metre HD screen and Dolby 7.1 surround sound.

Public reaction for the project has been overwhelmingly positive on Facebook.

Jenna McGregor wrote: “Sounds great exactly what the premises needs to be a success! Hope they get the support they need from licensing!”

Caroline Cunningham added: “Arbroath needs more diversity when it comes to entertainment, the cinema would to an excellent opportunity to aid Arbroath’s economic sustainability, by keeping our money in our town, but also encouraging people from neighbouring towns to come to Arbroath and use this facility rather than going to Dundee.”

Shell Moody highlighted one of the major issues: “I often fancy watching a film at the cinema but don’t have transport so would need a bus to Dundee, then get a bus to the cinema, so by time you get home you have spent an absolute fortune so end up not going. Fingers crossed it goes ahead. I will definitely be going without a doubt.”

Colin Myles Hunter commented on the potential of the project: “This is a fantastic idea, need to focus on the need and the business case, new movies, old classics, even dual language movies with Scottish subtitles, we are so lost for this service since the Palace in James street.”

Ross Bull also welcomed the news but added a note of caution: “Arbroath has seen multiple attempts to bring a cinema back to the town in recent years. All of which attempted to sustain themselves on weeks-after-release mainstream movies and all of which predictably fell by the wayside. The only example I can think of where an independent cinema has been able to survive on this model is The Oban Phoenix.”

On Twitter Derek Harper wrote: “Great for Arbroath and for Angus, the more amenities the more locals and visitors spend in the local economy + more jobs.”

Jim reminisced: “Good news for the toon, I’d say. I remember going to the pelican for a poke o’ chips after a movie. Happy days.”

Graham Black added: “Look at the impact, legacy & positivity the @DCAdundee has made in 15 years. It would benefit the town, business & families.”




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