Modern approach to new Arbroath schools

Angus Council's proposed design for the new Timmergreens Primary School.

Angus Council's proposed design for the new Timmergreens Primary School.

The penultimate stage of the Arbroath schools saga appears to have been reached with the submission of planning applications.

Proposals in detail for new versions of Timmergreens and Warddykes primary schools have been submitted for consideration by Angus Council officers to the authority’s planning department and on paper are a far cry from the existing structures.

The new Warddykes will be set out over 1.88 hectares while Timmergreens measures out at 1.75 hectares, with both new schools being built on their old sites which are due to be demolished.

The curving semi-circle design of the new builds has a door at the rear of each classroom opening out into the playing fields and it is understood that this will allow for fluid movement into the outdoors to maximise outdoor learning opportunities and encourage an adventurous approach to learning in line with the Curriculum for Excellence.

Timmergreens Primary School headteacher Jacqueline Smith said: “Our nursery move out to the transitional accommodation in August, hopefully all going well the P1 to P7s move in October to modular buildings at Muirfield.

“The hope is the new school will open in January 2016. The children will get very involved in seeing the building coming down and the new building going up. It is exciting. We are going to bury a capsule under the site and just see what it takes to build a school.”

Pupil Emily Biesok (11) added: “It is kind of weird to think the schools not going to be here but we are needing a new school and the plan looks very exciting.”




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