Eating Smokies is a religion!

Iain Spink prepares his Smokies over a barrel. He will be signing copies of The Arbroath Smokie Bible  on Saturday.

Iain Spink prepares his Smokies over a barrel. He will be signing copies of The Arbroath Smokie Bible on Saturday.

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Author and Arbroath Smokie maker Iain R Spink will be signing copies of his highly-successful new book, ‘The Arbroath Smokie Bible’.

The event will be part of the Tartan Day Scotland Festival’s Homecoming Weekend in Arbroath on Saturday (April 5).

The book signing will be held at Arbroath Visitor Centre on the quayside at Arbroath Harbour, where there will also be a Taste of Angus event and a host of activities celebrating local produce such as Arbroath Smokies and the heritage and history of Arbroath’s fishing community.

“I’m the fifth generation of my family to make Smokies,” said Iain, who travels across Britain making Arbroath Smokies the traditional way - over a fire in a pit in the ground.

“I’ve always wanted to write a book about Arbroath Smokies so to see ‘The Arbroath Smokie Bible’ for sale in bookshops and online makes me immensely proud!

“The Arbroath Smokie is a world-class gourmet food with a long and interesting history. Writing this book gave me the opportunity to tell the story of the Arbroath Smokie to a much wider audience and also allowed me to present people with a variety of recipe ideas to hopefully encourage them to buy and try this fantastic delicacy.”

Although Iain has long advocated that the best way to eat an Arbroath Smokie is immediately after it’s been made, he loves finding new ways to use this unique ingredient. “After creating some of the recipes for the book, I’m enjoying Arbroath Smokies in many different ways now,” he said.

“The Arbroath Smokie is a lightly salted, gently smoked and cooked haddock with no artificial colourings or preservatives to spoil the flavour. It’s hugely versatile and can be used in so many ways, from soups and patés to risottos and pies - or simply eaten as it is, hot or cold.”

Iain will be signing copies of ‘The Arbroath Smokie Bible’ from 10.30 until 11.30 a.m. and anyone attending the signing will also be able to pick up a copy of the just-published Arbroath Smokie Trail, a free booklet detailing where to buy and eat Arbroath Smokies.

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