Arbroath’s volunteer saviours

Susan Simpson, Colin Beedie and James Williamson, Arbroath co-ordinator of the First Responders.

Susan Simpson, Colin Beedie and James Williamson, Arbroath co-ordinator of the First Responders.

Do you know how to save a life? Arbroath First Responders do, and since January have been doing just that on our streets and in our homes.

The First Responders scheme, run under the auspices of the Dundee and Angus branch of St John’s Ambulance Service, sees groups of trained volunteers despatched with great urgency to scenes of various medical emergencies in order to deliver initial life-saving treatment and manage emergencies until an ambulance arrives.

It has been used with great success previously in Carnoustie and Kirriemuir and since the Arbroath unit came online in January it has carried out 76 duties and attended 18 call-outs.

The teams are composed of local volunteers and are trained to provide initial care through resuscitation, the use of external defibrillators and oxygen therapy.

Arbroath co-ordinator James Williamson said: “We are local and have basic life-saving skills and are on hand should anyone in the community need us.

“Being trained and able to help gives me the confidence to go out and do what we do. There is satisfaction in knowing that we may have made a difference.”

Volunteer Susan Simpson added: “I am a First Responder because I enjoy being useful to the community and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

“First Responders are a great benefit to the community because we are local and at hand with life saving equipment.

“I think more people should get involved for many reasons. You never know when someone you care about may need our help. You get training and a sense of achievement. You become more active within your community and it’s a nice feeling to be part of something worthwhile.”

To get involved contact James Williamson on james@thewolfpack.co.uk




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