Local help for museum

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A host of Arbroath organisations have played their part in the refurbishment of a maritime museum in Gourdon, which has newly re-opened.

And the Maggie Law Maritime Museum is now thanking the various individuals for their help.

Mackay Boatbuilders, Arbroath, designed and built a small wheelhouse for the museum, which serves as a reception area and store.

The design of the wheelhouse by Paul Simpson incorporated three windows, which have now become ‘The Wheelhouse Gallery’ providing an area where local artists can showcase their work.

And Harry Simpson of Mackays provided invaluable help and guidance in background information about resources, and specialist boat building information.

The ‘Emma Kathleen’ lifebelt is significant as Mackay Boatbuilders constructed this Gourdon boat.

To celebrate the opening of the museum a concert and live recording took place to produce a CD called ‘Tales of the Sea’, featuring well-known local singer Allan Mowatt to raise funds to support the museum.

Dave Ramsay, project director, said: “The support from Arbroath has been of tremendous help to the Museum, and is much appreciated, and is a tremendous boost for specialist visitors.”