Local dog campaigner’s Holyrood date

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A CAMPAIGNER who has continuously fought for tighter controls on the breeding of Staffordshire Bull Terriers will take his case to the Scottish Parliament next week.

Ian Robb, from Help for Abandoned Animals in Arbroath, will explain his campaign to Holyrood ministers on the public petitions committee on Tuesday in the hope it will raise more awareness of over-breeding of the dogs.

Currently, the charity say they are struggling to re-home abandoned staffies due to their aggressive reputations and over-breeding, which Mr Robb claims is carried out by drug users often looking for a quick source of money to feed their habit.

And with the situation regarding the breed in some places in the UK so bad, sometimes healthy dogs which just cannot be re-homed, have to be put down.

Now Mr Robb, who hopes his petition can change this, says he can’t wait to get to the Scottish Parliament to explain his campaign.

He said: “There has to be something done about this because I’m afraid at the minute we just can’t get homes for these abandoned dogs.

“In this economic climate people might think breeding their family dog will earn them extra cash but we are being left with too many staffies as some members of the public do not know how to rear them properly.

“It really is a sad situation and I can’t emphasise enough how bad the problem is.”

Mr Robb also has the backing of the full Angus Council for his campaign as well as support from local MSP Graeme Dey.

And he hopes that it might just persuade people to change their perceptions of the breed, which has had a lot of negative publicity lately.

He added: “Speaking to some people they would like to see staffies wiped off the face of the earth because they have had so much bad publicity.

“That makes our task much more difficult as there is a lot of bad feeling out there.

“Staffies can be a wonderful breed and that is what we have to teach people.”