Local chefs serve up tasty treats

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East Haven held two “Let’s Cook and Taste” events last week as part of the celebrations for the Angus Food Festival.

Residents and friends used fresh local Angus produce to demonstrate a range of tasty dishes including Scottish oatcakes, lobster, crab and homemade soups. Visitors from Edinburgh and North Lanarkshire joined locals to watch the chefs in action before sampling the finished dishes.

Wendy Murray, trustee with East Haven Together, said: “The idea of holding cooking demonstrations arose last year, when we planted vegetables and herbs in the community garden for people to help themselves.

“Many people said that they weren’t sure how to use some of the fresh produce, so we decided to get together and learn from one another.”

Wendy heard many positive comments being made by the visitors to the two events and the following were typical: “I was surprised at the diversity of food products that can be produced locally - it would be a major step forward if the supermarkets in the area made more effort to source local produce wherever possible”; “Wonderful for community well-being - sharing ideas and experiences and having great fun! Good indoor event for the long dark winters”; “Very good day. Food was great. The chefs were brilliant!”

Those present stressed how much they had learned about different foods and how to cook and prepare them, as well as describing the experience as “brilliant” and “perfect in every way”.

In what everyone agreed was a great promotion for Angus, all of the chefs were said to have made it “look easy” and the “lovely” food and great community spirit were praised.

Many of those attending had not known what to expect but felt that the event had “exceeded their expectations”.

The Food Festival ran from March 19 to 27, with several events running throughout Angus.