LimeLight: We did it again!

AN ARBROATH theatre company has proved they are record breakers once again with their latest world beating show.

The LimeLight Company successfully staged a musical in 20 hours and 30 minutes, which included rehearsing, building the set, sourcing costumes and props and selling tickets to a packed Webster Memorial Theatre audience.

On Friday evening at 9.30 p.m., it was revealed that the show they were to perform was the well-known Cliff Richard musical ‘Summer Holiday’.

And by 6 p.m. on Saturday, it was curtain up at the Webster Theatre as the group successfully performed the show, complete with the story’s iconic red London bus!

And the company’s co-owner, Mike Carlin, admitted breaking the record was a huge challenge.

He said: “When the show was finally announced, it came as a bit of a shock - it wasn’t a show we had hoped for, but neither was it a disappointment.

“Neither us, nor the production team knew the show very well, so it was going to be a challenge - one that we met head on, and seemed to do a pretty good job of!

“It was amazing how fast the time flew by - although staying awake for 20-and-a-half hours may sound like a long time, when you’re keeping busy, it passed far too quickly. Thank goodness for the morning bacon rolls!”

Claiming the record was even more sweet for the LimeLight Company as they officially broke the world record for the fastest stage musical last year with ‘Guys and Dolls’, but only held their title for 30 days before it was broken again.

However, they now have to wait for two weeks before they will find out officially from Guinness World Records if the title is theirs.

And LimeLight co-owner Chris O’Mara said a huge number of people made the show possible.

He added: “The whole weekend was fantastic - we had so many people supporting the whole effort.

“All in all, there were about 130 participants, and a sell-out audience that ensured the attempt was hugely successful. We’d like to thank everyone for their help, no matter how big or small a role you played, you showed that community spirit is second to none.

“The show itself was of a brilliant standard. Of course there were some hilarious mistakes along the way, and the story might have had a few ad libs here and there, but our audience feedback has been immense.

“People just can’t seem to believe that everything was achieved in only 20-and-a-half hours and neither can we really.

“How on earth the set builders built a bus in about four hours is beyond us!”

The LimeLight Company are now focusing on their forthcoming productions for this year which include ‘Cats the Musical’ and ‘Oliver’.

And they have plans in the pipeline for another special event next year.