LimeLight want their record back

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AN ARBROATH based theatre company will be making their second attempt at smashing a Guinness world record next month.

The LimeLight Company became record breakers when they performed a musical in less than 24 hours last February.

But disaster struck only 30 days later when it was broken again, and the record was lost.

The company then vowed that the Guinness world record would once again belong to them.

So on Friday, February 1, at the Webster Memorial Theatre, ‘Take 2’ will again attempt to break the world record for the fastest theatrical production, by performing a full musical, complete with lighting, set, costumes and full audience, in under 22 hours.

The LimeLight Company will have no idea what the musical is until Friday night, when the show is announced.

From that point on, the record breaking team must gather costumes, build the set, learn the songs, choreograph the dances, sell tickets, and put on a high standard of show less than 22 hours later, on Saturday, February 2.

They must then perform the show to a packed-out theatre.

Chris O’Mara, co-owner of The LimeLight Company said: “This is no mean feat. Last year’s task was difficult enough, but with every record broken the time gets harder and harder, and there is far less room for error.

“We were all devastated last year when we found out the record had been taken from us in such a short space of time, but we are all determined to make sure we regain the title.

“However, it all depends on the show choice.”

Last year, LimeLight were given ‘Guys and Dolls’ for the attempt and Michael Carlin, fellow co-owner explained: “Last year’s show made the task near impossible for us.

“Neither Chris nor I really knew the show, and the kids company didn’t have a clue!

“It just goes to prove that the musical selection is probably the most crucial turning point, and only when we find this out, will we have a strong idea about whether we can break the record or not.

“We are so determined to break this record again, but we need the help of Arbroath, Angus and Tayside.

“Without a strong team of all trades, we are bound to fail. Whether you can cook a bacon roll, sell tickets, provide a raffle prize or put a set together, we need your help.”

The record is currently held by an Essex youth theatre group which performed ‘Our House: The Musical’ in 22 hours.

If you are interested in helping The LimeLight Company with ‘Take 2’ and become a Guinness World Record Breaker, send them an e-mail at, or follow them on Facebook.