LimeLight’s final record attempt

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The LIMELIGHT Theatre Company is promising one final world record attempt at the fastest theatrical production after being shocked to find Guinness World Records were not recognising their effort.

Last month, the group took just 20 hours and 30 minutes to rehearse, build the set, make costumes and sell tickets after finding out they were to perform the Cliff Richard classic musical ‘Summer Holiday’.

And after completing the feat in record time, the LimeLight Company were confident they had taken back their world record.

However, it was bad news on Friday when they were contacted by Guinness, who were verifying their record, who said they were not being awarded the title.

LimeLight co-owner Mike Carlin said: “Due to a technicality in the guidelines, and mistakes made on both parts, the LimeLight Company were not awarded with the world record.

“Obviously we are devastated with the news, but would like to thank everyone who helped with the event in any way, including the fantastic media coverage we received.

“Regardless to the outcome, it was a fantastic weekend, and we had a blast doing it.”

But the LimeLight have vowed to give the world record one last attempt after a gesture of goodwill by Guinness.

Mike added: “Due to the complications with the attempt, Guinness have offered to fast-track our next attempt should we be stupid enough to try it again.

“The result has forced us to attempt the record one final time. We are describing it as three strikes and you’re out!”

So once again LimeLight will chase the world record in June with preparations for the task already under way.

Fellow co-owner Chris O’Mara explained: “Where else can you perform a new show in a weekend, without being held down by rehearsals, and with such an electric atmosphere as the audience supply?

“It is a fantastic way to network and meet new people, as well as bringing the community together.

“Details will be announced soon, as plans are currently being made to attempt it one last time in June this year.

“We will not give up without a fight, and we will need your support one more time.”