LimeLight bring Webber to the Webster


The LimeLight Company’s latest offering, The Phantom of the Opera delighted audiences at the Webster Theatre last week with a run of five shows.

I had the good fortune to be in the audience on Saturday night and was enthralled by the show from start to end.

LimeLight’s young cast brought wonderful energy, colour and exuberance to this production. From the individual performances of the principal characters to the members of the company it was clear these young people had spent many hours rehearsing their parts.

Bobbi Gray, petite, pretty and with a beautiful, clear singing voice was superbly cast to fill the role of the vulnerable leading lady, Christine Daee. Alongside Bobbi was Philip Barr who portrayed excellently the formidable but passionate Phantom. His rendition of ‘Music of the Night’ was entrancing.

Solid performances also came from Josh Wright who played the lovestruck Raoul and Kirsty MacDonald who played the very serious disciplinarian and dance instructor Madame Giry.

On a lighter note, humour was brought to the production with Ryan Tait and Ross McKenzie who played the new managers of the Opera House in the style of a pair of blundering toffs. Also adding amusement was Erin Nicoll, playing prima donna Carlotta with her wonderful, operatic singing voice and her comical sidekick, Piangi played by Ruaraidh Mathieson.

The show was accompanied throughout by the wonderful music provided by the live orchestra, led by Musical Director, Richard Allan. Along with the other members of the production team; Mike Carlin, Chris O’Mara, Marina Kyle and their band of willing volunteers, the LimeLight Company have brought another quality musical to Arbroath, giving the people of Angus an affordable opportunity to be highly entertained.