Lighthouse to be gateway to town

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A MINI lighthouse that will act as the gateway to Arbroath is to be installed at Elliot.

The feature which will stand at 4.5 metres was salvaged from a site in the Western Isles and will be placed beside the car park off the A92.

Councillors on Angus Council’s development standards committee granted permission for the structure on Tuesday as part of the Year of the Light celebrations.

The minor lighthouse is thought to be just one of the two remaining lighthouses of this type with the other being at a museum in Fraserburgh.

There were 120 of these lighthouses around the country at one time and organisers of the Year of the Light celebrations feel it would help mark 200 years of the Bell Rock.

The head of roads and the Scottish Environment Agency offered no objections to the plans but one letter of representation was received.

The main issues raised were that in a time of economic hardship, the feature is not in keeping with cost-cutting measures.

The letter also raised concerns about the impact on nearby residents, driver safety and potential vandalism once the Year of the Light has finished.

But the report stated: “The proposed lighthouse will provide a new attraction on a gateway approach to Arbroath.

“It will be highly prominent adjacent to the A92, however the nature of the proposal is to provide a landmark feature and it is not uncommon to see such attractions at the entrance to urban area.”

The structure will not be illuminated and further planning permission would need to be sought if it was to be lit up in the future.