Light at the end of the tunnel for skatepark?

Great progress is being made in funding the Arbroath Skatepark Project.
Great progress is being made in funding the Arbroath Skatepark Project.

The people behind Arbroath’s proposed skatepark project have been stunned after their rallying call netted them £8,000 over the weekend.

Last week the Arbroath Skatepark Committee revealed that they had until January to find £27,000 or face losing a £100,000 match-funding grant from SportScotland, but now, with an outpouring of public support that figure has been whittled down drastically.

It all started with the bag pack at the Asda store at the Westway Retail Park.

Arbroath Skatepark Committee chair Jillian Low explained: “It’s absolutely fabulous! At the bag pack we raised just over £1,000 which a supporter, who wants to remain anonymous, has matched and another anonymous donor has also matched that amount.”

To top it all, on Monday morning an unexpected grant of £5,000 from the Garfield Weston Foundation came through, an organisation which had rejected an earlier application. Jillian continued: “After we received the £100,000 from SportScotland we applied to them again and this is them getting back to us now and it’s just pure coincidence that this cheque has arrived today.

“I’m just sitting down doing the maths and our shortfall is £18,700, which is a lot better than £27,000 as it was on Friday!

“It’s still a lot to do but it’s really, really positive and I’m hoping it will encourage other people to donate as well.

“If people can see their money is making a difference we could do this much quicker than we expected.”

In addition a number of fund-raisers have come forward to offer their help,