Lifeboat’s busy weekend

The Arbroath lifeboat crew attended three incidents over Saturday on what proved to be a busy weekend with a number of firsts.

The first shout came on Saturday morning when the crew were on hand to help a yacht in the harbour which had a fouled propeller.

Although neither of the lifeboats launched, members of the crew entered the water and were able to free up the yacht.

Later in the day at 1.30 p.m. the inshore lifeboat was launched to assist another yacht which was located approximately a mile off Elliot beach.

The yacht, with two crew members on board and heading for Eyemouth had also suffered fouled

propeller which the RNLI crew were again able to free up.

And finally in the third incident, it was the inshore lifeboat that was launched

again this time to assist a rib which had run out of fuel and had begun drifting in a half metre swell 100 yards from the harbour.

The call for assistance was received at approximately 10.45 p.m. and the lifeboat crew were quickly on the scene to tow the vessel back to harbour.

It was a significant moment for young RNLI crew member Stuart Hadden who was a member of the three man crew attending a ‘shout’ for the first time.

In addition, the weekend also saw the first active calls for Arbroath’s new inshore lifeboat, the Robert Fergusson.

The D-class boat was received by the local crew on June 20 and this weekend was its first call outs.