Lifeboat Ladies sink last year’s total

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AN INTREPID group of Arbroath fund-raisers have smashed their previous totals with a massive haul of over £70,000.

At the annual general meeting of the Arbroath Ladies’ Lifeboat Guild on Friday, president Barbara Cargill revealed to members that a grand total of £71,776.55 had been raised during 2011.

To put this into perspective, the ladies raised £46,426 in 2010, and the total for 2009 was around £1,500 less.

The financial report identified the big moneymakers, which as always included the collection boxes (£4,445.70), Flag Week (£5,429.61) and Sea Fest (£1,495.39).

The standout contributor this year came from the Ladies’ Dinner spearheaded by vice-president Mo Morrison which raised a whopping £10,280.27 for the cause.

General donations from the public amounted to a total of £13,400.84, legacies accounted for £4,111.84 and In Memoriam donations a further £5,398.04.

The SOS programme, which last year included the popular ‘Sell Our Stuff’ and the ‘Sink Or Swim’ raised a total of £5,306.32.

The RNLI shop at the Lifeboat Shed also generated a net income of £6,570, and it is hoped that increased opening hours will see this increase in future years.

The gross income for the year was £75,842.94, minus expenses of £4,066.39, which covered costs for the Ladies’ Dinner, Sea Fest and travel to a meeting in Perth among other things.

Lt. Col. Ian Ballantyne, chairman of the Arbroath Lifeboat Management Group also delivered his report, and in it revealed funding for possible future upgrades.

He said: “Perhaps the main focus of the Management Group over the past year however has been lifting awareness within the RNLI in both Poole and Perth of the need to upgrade the Lifeboat Station Building to bring it into the 21st Century.

“Needless to say, any upgrade will have a hefty price tag on it, but thanks to the several legacies left specifically to the Arbroath Lifeboat Station, we now have in excess of £850,000 in a restricted fund within the RNLI in Poole, which will go a considerable way to meeting the overall costs.”

Secretary Maureen Fulton read out the report of Rachel Stewart, the RNLI Scottish Community Fundraising Manager in which she described how Scotland had, through fund-raising reached it’s budget goals, and that in Britain as a whole, they had only come up £31,000 short of the £13.57 million budget.

President Barbara Cargill gave the ladies an brief outline of the fundraising activities of the group during the year.

She explained the project to raise money for specific pieces of equipment, in 2011’s case it was crew lifejackets, had been a success and had been continued this year.

She said: “I am delighted to tell you that the crew will have a camera helmet, thanks to donations from the Angus Minstrels, Rhona Spink, The Lochlands Bar, The Station Bar, Lodge St Thomas No. 40 and our ‘anonymous’ donator. The cost of the camera helmet is £2,100.”

She added: “The enthusiasm and dedication of our committee and crew is to be commended. This enthusiasm does not go unnoticed, this year we have three committee members receiving awards at the RNLI Scotland Annual Meeting in Perth on June 6.

“Mo Morrison, vice president, is to receive a Silver Badge, Ann Watt, treasurer, a bronze badge, and Jean Wallace, pyramid secretary is to be awarded a Certificate of Thanks. Congratulations ladies on these well-deserved awards.”

Office holders are as follows: president, Barbara Cargill; vice-president, Mo Morrison; secretary, Maureen Fulton; treasurer, Ann Watt; subscriptions secretary, Lillian Fraser; Flag Week secretary, Kath Hughes; Pyramid Box secretary, Jean Wallace; souvenir secretary, Mary Gerrard; collection box secretary, Monica Clark.

Committee members are as follows: Gillian Bain; Maureen Campbell; Barbra Chapel; Irene Farnell; Elizabeth Ferris; Rhona Goodfellow; Claire Hartley; Allison Marnie; Margaret McAndrew; Audrey McGregor; Darlene McLeod; Elaine Milne; Sonia Nelson; Susan Ruark; Iris Smith; Glynis Stewart and Irene Wright.