Lichties’ fan’s long trek for champions party

AN ARBROATH supporter took two separate flights and then hired a car to complete his journey to Gayfield just to make sure he saw the Lichties lift the Third Division trophy.

Allan Gerrard is a native Red Lichtie now living in Guernsey in the Channel Islands after moving there in the 1970s.

He still keeps up to date with the fortunes of Arbroath FC and his hometown and gets the Arbroath Herald posted to his home every week.

Mr Gerrard makes the trip to Gayfield around twice a year and after learning that the Lichties had scooped their first piece of silverware, he knew he had to make his way to the ground on Saturday for the trophy presentation.

His journey saw him fly the short distance from Guernsey to Southampton and then take a connecting flight to Edinburgh.

Once in the capital he then hired a car to complete the remaining 77 miles.

He told us: “I suppose it is a long way to travel just for one match but winning a league championship doesn’t happen very often.

“Although hopefully we can now go on to win more trophies.

“It was a shame about the result but at least I got to see them lift the trophy.

“I haven’t lived in Arbroath for a while now, but I have always supported them and the bigger teams like Rangers and Celtic have never interested me.”

It was a whistlestop trip for Mr Gerrard who travelled up to Arbroath on Friday and spent Saturday in the town before returning home to Guernsey on Sunday.

But before he returned he stocked up on some products that remind him of his hometown.

He added: “I had to get some Arbroath Smokies and Forfar Bridies to take home with me.

“You just can’t get them in Guernsey.”