Lichtie shares his memories

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AN ARBROATH ex-pat has had a book published about his memories of his hometown.

John Wilson, who was born in Park Street in 1938 stayed in Arbroath until 1946 before moving to Germany with his family after World War Two.

He then returned to the town in 1949 but left in the early 1950s to join the Royal Air Force and he now resides in California in the United States.

He lives there with his wife of 50 years, Violet, along with their three daughters, Wendy, Claire and Laura.

The book entitled ‘A Scottish Story’ tells of his memories of Arbroath including stories about his family and the house he grew up in.

It also charts local entertainment, school, games, holidays and jobs.

In his foreword, John says: “It is intended to be a slice of Arbroath history along with childhood memories.

“This collection of memories is intended to portray Arbroath and related topics from 1938 through to 1953.

“I’ve written this as I remember it, no frills but some mild understatement.”

The book was published on December 14 last year and was published in Charleston, South Carolina.

It was well-known local man Harry Simpson, who first became aware of the book after receiving a copy through the post.

He explained: “I always receive a Christmas card from John who is out in America.

“But this year he sent me the book he has been working on.

“It is all about his experiences growing up in Arbroath and it is interesting to read.”