Let’s make Tartan Day special

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TARTAN Day will be celebrated throughout the world on Saturday, April 6.

Arrangements are already in place for this year’s event, which will largely be focused on Arbroath and its iconic Abbey – where the Declaration of Arbroath was signed on April 6, 1320.

But in an effort to raise the profile of the Tartan Day celebrations and really make the occasion something to be proud of in 2014, Arbroath Abbey Action Group (AAAG) wants to hear from you.

Chairman of the group Harry Ritchie said: “The events organised for Tartan Day make it a fantastic spectacle, but we really believe that so much more could be done. We have ideas of our own, but the group believes it is important that we reach out to the community and find out what the people believe would raise the profile.

“Arbroath Abbey TimeThemes do a brilliant job with the re-enactment of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath and various other events are organised throughout the week leading up to Tartan Day, but there could be so much more.”

Councillor Bob Spink, who is also on the group, echoed Mr Ritchie’s comments. “We have such a wonderful and iconic building in the Abbey which holds a unique place in history.

“In the group’s opinion, it is only right that this is celebrated in a the best way we possibly can, so if anyone has any ideas about how to make this annual event better please let us know.”

AAAG combines a number of local people from different walks of life dedicated to raising the profile of Arbroath Abbey.

The group has already, with the help of the Arbroath Herald, successfully campaigned for wedding ceremonies to be reintroduced at the Abbey.

And the next stage of this initiative will see information packs being distributed at key places throughout Arbroath and Angus.

Have you got any ideas on how to make Tartan Day even better? Contact the AAAG through arbroath.herald@jnscotland.co.uk, through Twitter @Arbroath_Herald or their Facebook page facebook.com/Arbroath.Herald