Legal high shop closes its doors

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One of the two legal highs stores at the centre of a dispute over drugs and morality on the high street closed its doors this week.

The Arbroath Herald received a tip-off on Friday that Misty Heaven on Fisheracre was to close, which was confirmed by an employee on visiting the premises.

Legal highs have been a divisive issue in Arbroath in recent months with the Arbroath Against Legal Highs Group (AALHG) leading a campaign to ban the substances from the town.

Councillor David Fairweather has been one of the faces at the forefront of the campaign. He said: “The owners are saying it’s not a result of public pressure. I would suggest, obviously the public pressure over a sustained period of time has had a contributory factor to that.”

Yesterday (Thursday), Mr Fairweather proposed a motion at the full Angus Council meeting to debate the issue, along with support from fellow AALHG figure Rev. Martin Fair.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr Fairweather said: “Regarding the motion tomorrow it’s a fairly simple one. I’m looking for the chief executive to write to Westminster and Holyrood for clarification on how we can either licence that type of premises or what we can do about the substances they are selling.

“One of the reasons for my motion is to get all 29 Angus councillors working together in this and make sure this is not a one hit wonder. The Scottish Parliament cannot debate it and allow it to go away, it’s far too serious for that.”

Misty Heaven’s owners were given an opportunity to comment but had not done so by the time we went to press.