Learn to drive a train at KMR

ANOTHER winter is approaching and Kerr’s Miniature Railway has nearly shut up shop for this season.

They have had a good summer with the weather having been better than the year before. Passenger numbers are on par with last year and there has been an increase in the number of children riding on the bus and fire engine.

John Kerr stated: “We were to close officially last weekend but we’re going to brave the West Links weather for just one last weekend of operation.

“Tomorrow (Saturday), children can bring down their favourite teddy bear and travel for free! (This is for Saturday only and weather permitting).

“The KMR teddies will also be hiding in places up and down the railway line as an extra touch for the children. So why not come down for a nice hurl on the 76-year-old railway!”

John continued: “We also have a number of events lined up for the winter, possibly including some snowy steam days! We hope to have a steam engine running a couple of times during the Christmas season to get that steam in the snow effect.

“Another event that will be taking place is ‘Drive Ivor for a Fiver’. This will consist of our 0-6-0 steam outline diesel locomotive being used for driver training days. The locomotive is currently undergoing some minor modifications to the shape of the bodywork so that two people can fit comfortably in her cab. Children from the age of eight years and upwards will be able to have the chance of driving a ‘train’ up and down the line twice for the price of just £5.

“Adults can also have the chance of driving this locomotive and learning a little bit about how her engine works, etc. Prices will start at £5 and this will increase if drivers want more sessions or if the family want to travel behind the locomotive with their child (or adult) driving.”

John stressed that there will always be a fully qualified driver sitting beside the trainee driver, hence the modifications to Ivor’s cab.

For more information about driver training or if you would like to book a time slot or day please contact john@kerrsminiaturerailway.co.uk, call 01241 874074 or post a comment on the railway’s Facebook page.

John concluded: “This would be a great present for someone and would make a great memory!”