Lead missing from station

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Mystery surrounds the case of lead cladding which has disappeared from the roof of the Inchcape Pumping Station near Gayfield.

It is thought that the lead went missing at the end of last month after owners of the station Scottish Water became aware of the issue.

And on Wednesday afternoon workers were on site repairing the building’s damage and replacing the missing flashing.

A Scottish Water spokesman confirmed that lead had gone missing from the roof and that they were working to rectify the situation with replacement flashing.

He said: “We became aware that some lead flashing was missing from the roof of Inchcape Pumping Station in late June.

“This is in the process of being replaced by a local contractor.

“The pumping station is managed on our behalf by Veolia Water.”

Lead flashing is often installed on roofs to secure the building and to provide weatherproof protection to the rooms below.

If lead goes missing and it is not replaced, building owners run the risk of flooding and water damage if it rains.

The pumping station, located at Inchcape Park, is responsible for pumping sewage.