Lady wants cyclepath made safer

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A local lady who regularly cycles along the A92 cyclepath from her workplace in Carnoustie to her home in Arbroath is worried about her safety.

The woman, a well-known charity fund-raiser, believes that something should be done to enhance safety at the areas where there is no protection from traffic which passes just feet away from cyclists.

Preferring her name not be used, the lady said: “There have been two accidents in the last six or seven months during which cars left the main road, crossed over the cyclepath and ended up in fields.

“It is only by the grace of God that no one was passing on the cyclepath at the time.”

She went on: “I regularly cycle from Arbroath to Carnoustie and back, often in the dark at this time of year, although I don’t see why it should make any difference whether it is daylight or dark.

“Near Scryne Farm there is a black spot for accidents and I believe something should be done. Perhaps barriers could be installed to prevent vehicles leaving the roadway.”

She says she realises that there are cost implications for this to be done, but feels that the safety of people using the cyclepath should be safeguarded.

She concluded: “There is a bigger issue here, as I think parts of the cyclepath have been badly designed.”

Retired Arbroath newsagent Bob Johnston, who uses the cyclepath with friends at least two or three times every week, does not believe that there are any safety issues.

He commented: “It is a recommended Route One National Cycletrack and is well maintained. For a while cars were being driven along one section, but the council quickly put up barriers which put a stop to that.

“Also, when it is frosty, the path is salted every morning. We have experienced no problems whatsoever.”

British Cycling campaigns manager Martin Key said: “If Britain is to make a change in its levels of cycling there needs to be a firm commitment to accommodate cycling before any new roads and junctions are built and before transport schemes or policies that affect roads are implemented.

“Priority should also be given to the identification and redesign of Britain’s most dangerous roads and junctions.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council stated: “A full safety audit is undertaken at the design stage of any cycle route.

“If anyone has any concerns about a cycle route they can raise this with the council on 08452 777 778.”