Keys to the future

An action plan to deliver tailored services to Angus residents with learning disabilities was agreed by members of Angus Council social work and health committee on Thursday.

The report, ‘Keys to life in Angus’, sets out the strategic approach to delivering an improved service for people in Angus with learning disabilities and identifies the areas where changes should be made. The council will approach this strategy by engaging with service users, families and stakeholders as well as reviewing proposals for accommodation, respite and day opportunities in Angus based on current and future needs and engagement with individuals and families. Convenor of social work and health Councillor Glennis Middleton said: “This is another step forward in our redesign of services for people with learning disabilities in Angus. While the report recognises that the learning disability population is changing, which will mean there is more demand for services at a time when there are significant challenges with public sector funding, it is essential that the council can deliver tailored services that enable people to greater independence and autonomy.”