‘Kerb it!’ Parking frustration reaches crescendo

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Thoughtless parking seems not to be confined to the centre of Arbroath but endemic throughout the town.

Following a report by the Arbroath Herald last week readers from across the area contacted us to reveal further hives of selfish stopping.

In particular dropped kerbs have been highlighted as a source of parking contention.

Rose Thomson, who lives on Kirkton Place, continually contends with car owners parking in front of her driveway during school pick up. She said: “It is absolute mayhem here every school weekday.

“It’s not only me, it’s everybody up here, we’re all copping it. They come and park in your drive.

“You come home and you can’t get in.

“I know its a public road, fair enough, but they park in the drives to each house as if they lived here.

“When it’s raining they park on both sides of the street and even block the bus service.”

A spokesperson for Stagecoach Strathtay said: “Inconsiderate parking can be a real problem for our services, occasionally we can do nothing but wait for the owner to return to their car, or we can contact the police for assistance.

“Parking outside Inverbrothock Primary School is a particular problem at times and we would ask drivers to consider the relevant road markings and if they have left enough room for large vehicles to pass, not just our buses, but if an emergency vehicle could pass too.”

Beatrice Gerrard has also been battling with blocked dropped kerbs. She said: “Cars park over the kerbs in the town centre. I’ve got to negotiate them when trying to get across the road with my zimmer.

“Only when you have this issue do you realise how bad it is, particularly for disabled pedestrians.

“If I have to get a taxi into town it can’t stop near to the shops because of the abandoned cars. It’s scandalous!”