Keptie Pond algae problem returns

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ALGAE that blights an Arbroath beauty spot almost every year has reared its ugly head once again.

The unsightly scum, which seems to bloom on Keptie Pond in warm temperatures is back even though Angus Council have installed a bore hole.

A small group of councillors visited the pond last week with the director of neighbourhood services to assess the situation.

And Councillor Bob Spink, who was a member of the group, was shocked to learn no records are being kept to see if the bore hole is having any effect.

He said: “I was disappointed to be told that there were no records available to us on this visit, for monitoring the water quality and levels over the changing seasons which are necessary to enable us to judge if any of the measures we are taking to deal with the algae problem are having any effect.

“I thought the water level was still lower than desirable with water weed growth rampant and floating algae as prominent as ever.

“The borehole is now in place we were told, but no water movement or input into the pond could be found which was unsatisfactory if not downright embarrassing.”

One of the options suggested has been to top up the pond with fresh water, but this is now no longer viable.

And Councillor Spink said we might just have to be patient if we are to see the back of the summer algae once and for all.

He added: “I recall years ago that if the Town Council wished to top-up the pond they simply did so directly with mains water, but this option is no longer available to us for technical and cost reasons, hence the borehole.

“It was agreed that a monitoring regime be put in place, to record water levels and the results of periodic chemical testing of water quality.

“Of course it has to be accepted that it may take a number of years before the measures available to us will be seen to have an effect, and weed control, maintenance, rubbish and debris removal will always be necessary, but we must take what we are doing seriously if we are to be successful.”