Kellon’s encounter with Hurricane Sandy

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AN ARBROATH student who is studying in the United States has been caught up in Hurricane Sandy which has battered the east coast of the country.

Kellon Lyons, a former Arbroath Academy pupil, moved to Front Royal, Virginia, in August to study at Warren County High School for 10 months.

But nothing could have prepared the 17-year-old for Monday night’s storm which left his town without power and no services running.

Fortunately, Front Royal did not bear the brunt of Sandy unlike states such as New York and New Jersey, which is a seven-hour drive away.

However, Kellon said the hurricane was nothing like he had experienced before.

He told the Herald: “Power was out at my house due to a tree falling on the power line but I’ve not yet been into town to see what damage has been done.

“The wind and rain was just devastating but I’m fine and everyone else seems to be.

“But all schools in the county are closed and most services in the town are shut.”

The east coast of America is now beginning one of the biggest clear up operations in history after a natural disaster.

And Kellon says there has been some destruction in Front Royal.

He added: “I currently can’t leave my house because of the hurricane but I have been told by my friends that numerous trees have fallen and some damage has been done to their house.

“School has also been cancelled until next week.

“New York City has taken much more of a beating in comparison to us.

“But still it is not the experience I was hoping for in America!”