Katie will make sure you don’t spend Christmas Day alone this year

A MEMBER of Angus College staff will be giving one of the best gifts possible on Christmas Day, her time.

Katie Anderson, a learner engagement officer at the college, will be running a soup kitchen on Christmas Day for people who would otherwise spend the day alone.

The soup kitchen will be held in the Volunteer Centre on Guthrie Port between 12 noon and 2.30 p.m. on Christmas Day and it is a free event to which everyone who feels isolated or lonely is welcome.

Katie understands that this can be a very challenging time of year for some people.

She said: “You don’t have to be alone this Christmas.

“For anyone going to be by themselves on Christmas Day they should know there are going to be a few folk who will get together for a hot bowl of soup and some company.

“This can be a hard time for people who don’t have family or are on their own.”

Already through word of mouth Katie has had several offers of help and donations of food and other necessary items, but further donations are always welcome.

Katie added: “Anyone in the community who would like to donate to the soup kitchen, a pot of soup or a pie would be gratefully received.”

She wished to extend her thanks to Gary Malone, manager of the Volunteer Centre, who had kindly offered to provide the venue and kitchen facilities. Any donations can be dropped off with Gary at the Volunteer Centre on Christmas Eve.