Kasey takes Karate to the Africa

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Africa beckons 17-year-old Karate champ Kasey Milne to teach her skills in Jinja in Uganda.

Leaving Arbroath on September 1 for four months, Kasey will be taking part in community work in landlocked Jinja on the edge of Lake Victoria.

The group based trip will give Kasey the chance to experience a life and culture different to ker own while carrying out work within the community.

The trip is designed to allow the individual the flexibility to make the project their own using their own initiative and developing their skills while helping others.

A member of the highly successful Brothock Shotokan Karate Club female team Kasey was awarded a black belt in Karate.

Along with Victoria Middleton and Beth Wales, she won numerous Team Kata and Team Kumite titles and individual titles at Scottish and UK Championships.

With such a wealth of experience and determination Kasey will be opening some young eyes to the skills of Karate through sports coaching lessons.

Kasey’s mum Sally, who is also a Black Belt at Karate said: “Naturally I have mixture of emotions to see my ‘wee lass’ leave for four months, but I know this is a fantastic opportunity which she will remember all her life.”

To support Kasey on her venture, Brothock Shotokan have donated 32 medals which will be presented to the boy and girl student of the week during Kasey’s 16 week stay, as well as Karate suits and belts which will be shipped out to Uganda.

To help fund her trip Kasey has organised various activities including a Bingo Night tonight at Arbroath Bowling Club starting at 7.30 p.m. More information on Kasey’s trip can be found at www.aventure.co.uk