Junior doctor concerns at NHS Tayside raised

Liz Smith MSP
Liz Smith MSP

Liz Smith MSP has written to the Chairman of NHS Tayside, John Connell, in relation to reports surfacing around the inadequate training of junior doctors in the region.

Guidelines were not met at three psychiatric units in Tayside because managers were not able to give junior doctors sufficient time with consultants.

Critics said it indicated that there were widespread problems that the government needed to act upon as “a matter of urgency”.

NHS Tayside is currently advertising for around 150 nurses and a whistle blower has recently stated that the lack of conventional 12 hour shifts is turning nurses away from applying to posts at the health board.

In her letter to John Connell, Liz, has asked for a briefing explaining why the problem of junior doctor training in psychiatric wards is falling below standard in the Tayside region.

Commenting Liz Smith MSP said: “Recruitment issues in NHS Tayside appear to spread across all levels, from consultant to nursing staff and the Scottish Government must step in to better support the health board in its workforce planning.

“Junior Doctors need time with consultants in order to hone the skills they have learnt in the classroom and without this vital face-time their education is significantly diminished.

“Furthermore, at a time when we should be training as many doctors as possible it is concerning to learn that junior doctors are not being supported in their development.

“Staffing shortages will only continue to get worse unless the SNP look into this matter urgently.”