Jungle training for Condor marines

Arbroath based marines training in the African jungle.
Arbroath based marines training in the African jungle.

A company of Arbroath based Royal Marines has just returned from several weeks of training in the steamy African jungle.

The conditions were ideal for the 49 men of Whiskey Company 45 Commando who spent the time learning survival and fighting techniques relevant to jungle warfare, a core element of being a marine.

The men also teamed up with forces from countries such as Senegal, Ghana, Benin and Cameroon as well as colleagues from the Netherlands, Spain and the USA.

The deployment was part of African Winds 13, a multi national task force embarked on the Royal Netherlands Navy Landing Ship HMNLS Rotterdam that set off three months ago.

As well as taking part in exercises the deployment aimed to improve maritime safety and security in Africa by building the skills of African militaries.

During their time in the jungle the men from Arbroath, learned basic tactics, jungle movement and navigation, booby trapping and general jungle warfare.

Another key feature was learning to live off the land with the marines eating a variety of insects, animals and plants.

Colour Sergeant David ‘Taff’ Morris has been a jungle warfare instructor for 15 years.

He said: “It’s the purest form of soldiering. The heat and humidity make it a physically demanding environment to operate in, add to that the potential for claustrophobia that the jungle can cause in some people and it’s a combination for arduous training and a demanding environment.”