Jumbo Crimbo for Jimbo?

Margaret Manby
Margaret Manby

A Carnoustie woman is appealing for help to get a plan off the ground for a pop-up charity shop to raise funds in memory of her late brother.

Margaret Manby has everything she needs to get started with the shop she has dubbed ‘Jimbo’s’ in tribute to her brother James Borland Whyte - everything, that is, except premises!

Unfortunately the shop she had her eye on has for all intents and purposes fallen through and now Margaret is desperate to find new premises in time for Christmas. She hopes to find a place either rent free, or for a very low rent, in order to maximise the proceeds to her chosen charity, the Ninewells Cancer Campaign.

She has set a target of £7300, in reference to her brother’s age of 73 when he passed away in Australia after he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Margaret said: “He was a lovely fella, a really good big brother with a great sense of humour and he was very kind and thoughtful.

“We just about all know someone who has been touched by cancer and we all want to do something to help eradicate it.”

Margaret has acquired, made or bought enough stock for her to open a fully-fledged shop with a Christmas theme, with everything you might want for thoughtful gifts this festive season.

In fact, it is not just Margaret’s storage that is full.

She said: “A lot of people are backing me in this and they are saying ‘Margaret, my shed is choked, my bedroom is choked’. I told them in August I was getting a shop but I’ve not been able to tell them anything since.

“Really what I need is somewhere to do all this.”

Ideally Margaret would like to pay little or no rent, other than services and can even decorate premises as a bonus!

Margaret has a huge range of items, glitter glasses, cup candles, wedding favours, artwork, linen, clothing new and pre-loved, toys, even a flat-pack dolls house she plans to raffle off, and plans to adorn the shop with Christmas trees and decorations.

Margaret continued: “I had money put by for a holiday, but I bought a lot of bracelets and jewellery from China, a lot of it silver. It would do a nice and thrifty Christmas present.

“Something I do like doing is making money from what people consider their trash, if it’s good enough of course!

“It’s going to be a humdinger of a shop and there are a lot of good people out there.”

If you can help Margaret contact her on 01241 853259.