Join the Smart List service

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Johnston Press, one of the leading community media groups in the UK, has announced the launch of The SmartList Scotland.

The SmartList, a fixed-price recruitment service, provides recruiters with a short list of quality, pre-screened candidates for one fixed fee.

The SmartList is owned and operated by Johnston Press, the publisher of leading newspaper titles and associated websites across Scotland, including the Arbroath Herald and Guide & Gazette.

This new recruitment offering, launched in September 2012, bridges the gap between traditional advertising and recruitment consultancies with strong emphasis on providing a high quality service to its clients.

The service is being launched in association with STV who will provide media and promotional support.

The service has already enjoyed massive success in filling a large number of different roles for clients in a variety of industries.

A multi-media campaign will promote the service through STV, reaching over four million viewers per month, and accompanied by a newspaper and online advertising campaign in all Johnston Press Scottish titles.

Businesses can submit their job details to The SmartList team of recruitment professionals for one fixed fee. Using their immense national resources, including local newspapers, jobs boards and social media, a ‘SmartList’ of high quality, local candidates is selected and screened specifically for the role. This is then submitted to the employer to review and interview the most promising candidates.

Businesses can find out more about the service by visiting