Jim’s award for Japanese links

Arbroath man Jim Millar is one of just a handful of people who is set to receive a prestigious new award for his work in promoting the relationship between Scotland and Japan.

The Scottish Samurai Shogun Award is presented to those who have demonstrated leadership in their field.

Other recipients have included Lord Charles Bruce, Consul General of Japan Mr Tarahara, Sir Ian Wood and actor Billy Connolly.

Awarding committee chairman, Mr Ronnie Watt OBE, who was honoured by the Emperor of Japan with the Order of the Rising Sun explained “We present two awards, the Scottish Samurai Award for those who have shown distinguished service, and the Shogun Award for those who have demonstrated outstanding achievement.

“Mr Millar has been promoting trade, cultural, educational and sporting links between Scotland and Japan for 25 years and won the first award in 2006. His initiatives include organising the first ever reception to celebrate Scotland and Japan in the Scottish Parliament to helping coordinate the first national cricket team tour from Japan to Scotland.

“From promoting Japanese martial arts at grass roots level, Mr Millar has gone on to display exceptional leadership in seeking a greater understanding between Scotland and Japan, and the awarding committee was unanimous that he receive this new award.”

Commenting, Mr Millar said: “It is a huge honour to receive this award, especially given the achievements of the other recipients, and I am humbled that Mr Watt and the National Karate Academy have recognised my work in this way.”

The award will be presented at a ceremony in October.