It’s the ‘reel’ deal!

Despicable Me 2
Despicable Me 2

The owner of Arbroath’s new cinema is hoping that the town will support the venue after it opened its doors to the public yesterday (Thursday).

Chalmers Filmhouse showed the first of hopefully many films yesterday afternoon in the recently finished cinema built within Chalmers Nightclub on Queens Drive.

The performance of ‘Despicable Me’ was the result of Angus Council’s licensing board agreeing last week to allow under-18s into the building on the proviso that they had vacated the premises by 11.30 p.m. Andrew Henderson, who has masterminded the cinema project, said: “That allows us to show films in the evening as long as the young people have left by 11.30 p.m., but we’re aiming for 11 p.m. which gives us half an hour to get it done.”

After 11.30 p.m. it is understood that Chalmers will operate as a night spot, presenting live music, dancing and other entertainment.

As well as ‘Despicable Me’ yesterday afternoon, there was a screening of ‘Star Trek’ in the evening, followed today (Friday) by the sequels to both and tomorrow (Saturday) the filmhouse will show ‘The Croods’ and ‘Gravity’.

The afternoon matinees start at 2.45 p.m. with the evening showings at 7.15 p.m., and the filmhouse’s cafe will be open for the 45 minutes prior to each screening.

It is hoped that this three-day run will iron out all the kinks in the system in time for May, when it should be possible to show more recent mainstream films thanks to the signing of contracts with distributors.

Andrew added: “We’ve been invited by the Cinema Association to their meeting later this month in St Andrews and we’re starting to get quite a bit of help to get this off the ground. Disney as well have been very good in helping us with their