It’s sweet success for Fiona’s campaign...

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A Monifieth woman’s mountain of tablet has been put to good use by allowing for the completion of crucial breast screening research

On Monday, Fiona Edwards presented a cheque for £6200 to Professor Andy Evans, professor of breast imaging at Ninewells Hospital, taking her donations total up to £59,600.

She explained: “Over the past two years the money has been put towards a trial for a 3D mammogram for women under 60 in Ninewells and the results just out show that this method missed only three per cent of cancers compared to 12 per cent for the normal one. They are meeting soon to introduce the 3D method into their routine practice which is great.

“The money this year will be put to a different study led by Patsy Whelehan, the radiographer in the research team, whose project aims to use questionnaires and examine mammogram images to identify what they should and could do differently to make experiences of mammography better. This, in turn, reduces the number of women who do not attend regular screening because of the nature of the examination.

“They only had funding until Christmas 2016 which was not sufficient to recruit all the women required to participate in the project so my donation will enable it to be completed and the analysis finished by later in 2017.”

Fiona, an admin assistant at grass seed merchant RM Welch, makes and sells 13 batches of tablet per week, usually before work and whenever else she gets a chance, with time off for good behaviour during the festive period and family holidays.

She said: “If you stacked up all the tablet made over the years it would reach Ben Nevis and go some way back down again so it is a fair amount.”

Fiona has been touched by people’s generosity: “One memorable moment this year was in my fitness club, David Lloyd’s, when I told some regulars that I was only £55 short of £5000 at that point. One of the members, who I did not know, went into her purse and gave me the £55. She said it was her birthday that day and she would give her birthday money to me.

“I am a regular at running races over Tayside where I sell the tablet and compete and the running community is very supportive as is the youth football around Monifieth. I am normally the one who turns up two hours before a race and is flying about the car park as, when runners leave their vehicles, they have no ‘handbags’ or money.

“Another friend buys large amounts of the tablet off me then sells it on with her profits going to help immunise babies in Africa, which also is nice.”