It’s a touch of magic!

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Fans of the spectacular should be making their way to a show tomorrow night (Saturday) full of the unexplainable, suspense and laughs.

Arbroath’s very own mesmerizing man of mystery, Michael Brandie, is taking to the stage at the Abbey Theatre for two nights for his long awaited new show, ‘Bizzarre’.

Known for his slick performances and quality geek banter Michael has put together an evening of top class illusion, mind-reading and audience influencing.

According to the genial trickster it should be a good night. Michael joked: “It’s just going to be awesome!

“I’ve got a whole load of new tricks, I’ve really concentrated on the mind-reading this time round and some influencing along the lines of Derren Brown.

“Of course, the title ‘Bizzarre’ really says it all, there are going to be some really cool, really bizarre feats!

“There won’t be any Rubiks’ cubes this time, sadly, I think I’ve done one in every show so far!”

There are still tickets left for tomorrow’s show which starts at 8pm in the Abbey Theatre, and a handful for his second night on Saturday, September 10.

Please note given the nature of the show audience members must be over the age of 16.

Tickets are £10 from Michael on Facebook at Michael Brandie Magician or at