IronStar Film presents...

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A tale of retribution and redemption is coming to Arbroath as local film buffs hope to bring the movie ‘Blood Loss’ to life.

IronStar Films is the recently formed Arbroath film company set up by former Arbroath Academy pupils Graeme Carr, Peter Birnie, Dean Pearson and former Arbroath High pupil Alan Jennings.

The self confessed film enthusiasts have put their passion for film and their hometown into practice by creating a script based in Arbroath.

Former Arbroath Academy pupil Jennifer Cooper has also got on board the project, utilising the contacts she has been building up in the film industry, and using her marketing and networking skills. She said: “The guys are currently raising money to shoot their first film, an original short written and directed by Graeme Carr.

“With a wicked script, and genuine talent, the one thing the guys really needed was an awesome location.

“A chance encounter with John Carswell, former Arbroath High School pupil, and son of local business man of the same name, led to the guys getting just that...and it looks outstanding!

“John and I have been friends for almost two decades, and he is a genuinely lovely guy who loves films.

“Knowing that he had a wicked location that would be perfect to use for a film, he was keen to help the guys out.

“We hope that the people of Arbroath and the surrounding areas continue to support the work that we are doing, as we continue to make progress.”

The team have set a target of £1,500 to raise, however the good thing about IndieGoGo, is that it is Flexible Funding, which means that no matter what you raise, you still get it, unlike other crowdfunding platforms where it’s either your full amount or nothing at all.

The film “Blood Loss” is a tale of retribution. When three friends are forced by a local criminal to sort out a potential problem, their plans end in a horrific accident destroying their lives forever. Months later the three men are confronted with the possibility that not everything was as it seems, and find themselves caught between a criminal who wants the job done, and a victim who wants matter what side they choose, there’s going to be ...BloodLoss. If you’d like to help fund this film and support film in Arbroath visit