Investigators have no concerns over dog welfare at Travellers’ camp

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Fears that dogs have been abused at a Travellers’ encampment at Victoria Park have been allayed by animal welfare experts.

Earlier this week a member of the public contacted us regarding the encampment at the town’s Victoria Park near the cliffs and the environment in which their animals were being kept.

They said: “I have just arrived back from walking the dogs. There are travellers at the foot of the cliffs with dogs in appalling conditions.

“Small dogs kept in tiny kennels on two feet of chain. You know the smallest cage you get? Two dogs closed up in that and covered in blue tarpaulin so can’t be seen.

“There is a small lorry with wire all over the back and another tiny kennel. The dogs are barking and distressed.

“I have ‘phoned the SSPCA as I think they will be breeding them. It is so very cruel, we need this kind of treatment to stop.”

We contacted the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA). A spokesperson for them said: “Our inspector went out today (Tuesday) and has advised me that she had no welfare concerns for the dogs.”