Inverkeilor road story is full of holes

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AN INVERKEILOR man has spoken out about gaping holes in his street.

According to Lee MacGregor, Angus Council had taken over responsibility for the roads in Inverkeilor earlier in the year.

However, work started on the roads and pavements some months ago on Main Street and Keilor Way but has yet to be finished and, by all accounts, appear to have been abandoned.

Mr MacGregor said: “They’ve not been back to fill in these holes. The safety barriers have all fallen over with all the wind, there’s a really deep hole in the street which is full of water to about four or five feet deep and it’s been like that for two or three months.

According to Mr MacGregor he contacted Angus Council around three weeks ago to find out what was going on with the road works. He said: “About a week after two guys from Dundee Plant came out to measure how much tar would be needed. They said they would be back the next day. That was over two weeks ago and they’ve never been back.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We are currently awaiting confirmation from our contractor, Dundee Plant, of the likely timescale for completion of the roadworks at Keilor Way. Meanwhile, all excavations have been protected with barriers pending completion.

“There is a large hole in the footway near the junction with Main Street which we suspect is caused by water erosion and we have reported this to Scottish Water for their action.”