Invasion Angus!

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AN ANGUS beach was the focus for a full scale amphibious assault today (Friday).

As part of Exercise Joint Warrior Royal Marines from 42 Commando stormed the beach at Barry Buddon training ground as part of a combined arms operation.

The annual military exercise sees warships and personnel from several NATO members working partnership to test out a number of strategic and tactical scenarios.

Exercise Joint Warrior is coordinated from the naval base at Faslane but in theatre command decisions are made by Commodore Paddy McAlpine OBE aboard the flagship of the Royal Navy, HMS Bulwark.

The exercise is slated to last around a fortnight and will see NATO partners working together to counter fictional escalating hostilities off the coastlines of Angus and a number of other areas around Scotland.

Commander of HMS Bulwark Captain Andrew Burns highlighted the importance of Exercise Joint Warrior.

He said: “The exercise presents us with many opportunities, enhancing interoperability with our foreign allies and partner nations, develop our operational edge and maintain our readiness to deploy anywhere in the world if required.”

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