Introducing Egnaro the owl!

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THE OWL sculpture on the front lawn of Angus College has finally been given a name.

Both staff and students have taken the bird to their hearts, which was carved by the college’s land based technician, Grant Adams, from a felled tree.

A competition was run through the college’s Facebook page last week asking staff, students and the local community to suggest names for the owl and more than 120 suggestions were made.

Angus College marketing officer, Louise Connor said: “I was out and about taking pictures around the campus and a snapped a few of the owl. Once back in the office I thought it would be good fun to give it a name.

“We asked for suggestions and immediately we were inundated with names.

“The response really was overwhelming – there were some weird and wonderful suggestions and initially we dismissed Egnaro but then we realised that it was actually ‘orange’ spelled backwards - the perfect name for an orange owl.

“So we are delighted to introduce you to Egnaro the Angus College owl.”

The winning name came from local businessman Stuart Scott of Arbroath Smokies Direct, whose daughter Holly is a care student at the college.

Mr Scott said: “I remembered an old TV advert for bubblegum that used the word egnaro to describe an orange flavoured gum and I thought it was a good fit.”