International stories competition

SHORTBREADSTORIES, an online community of writers, will launch its ‘Self-Publish or Perish’ competition on Monday (April 9).

Besides providing a worldwide showcase for members’ work, ShortbreadStories aims to build self-confidence in writing ability through the mentoring, advice and encouragement forthcoming from both its writing and reading community.

The organization was founded by author Robin Pilcher in 2007, and has grown to over 7,000 members world-wide, but has its base in Dundee.

Anyone can become a member and upload their short stories to the website. It hosts four residential creative writing courses every year, two in the highlands and two at the Pilcher Foundation for Creative Writing in Spain.

To enter the competition you must be a member of ShortbreadStories (which is free to join). All submissions will go onto on June 18 and will be open for public vote until July 20.

The five submissions with the highest votes will be judged by the ShortbreadStories team, with the finalist winning the self-publishing package. Additionally, the Self-Publish or Perish winner will have his/her book promoted on the site, and the first chapter sent to all 7,000 ShortbreadStories members.

For submission guidelines go to: